Valencia is magic!

By December 18, 2012Blog, Front Page

Valencia, december 18th 2012

Dear friends, a long year where epic olympic games where the main event is gone by, we are happily back to normal training routine; German Lennart and Czech Andro (20 and 17 years old) are finding out that the finn is a real challenge, but they are loving every minute of it.

Valencia is magic, we are specially lucky with wind and weather this year; today 21 degrees and ten knots where ideal for a lighter session. After a week of tough conditions. Zbogar is a bit tired, two months of hard work mainly with his new dog Usas , despite the passionate support of his beatiful girlfriend Maja, have left little energy in his body.

Alican our turkish hero, is getting in great shape and is more trimmed than ever, new years holidays come as planned and weight gain is a must.. so to all of you that read our site and love sailing.. happy new year,

The headcoach Luca