Gybing: the right move and the automatic one

By December 7, 2012Blog, Front Page

Valencia, December 7th 2012 – The last days where tough with winds over 25 knots.. guys are a bit tired so today we went for a slow 40 kml on our road bikes.

As usual we stopped at the 20 km pub and we had coffee and tostada.. once back at the main headquarter we are preparing the gopros and changing sails for todays lighter winds; sun is shining and we are relaxing.

Day by day the group is jelling toghether and training is getting more fun, yesterday i jumped in the finn.. to begin with on the first upwind i looked like the ultimate turist and was last by a mile, joined in during the run and passed  the swede and led for a round and for half of the run, until blowing up and feeling totally out of shape.

Vasilij had a good day and invented a new gybe.. check the video the so called Vasco’s authomatic gybe.

Alejandro got better and better during the day, he really loves the finn and fights hard.


The headcoach