Dinghy Academy confirmed as first ISAF Approved Training Center worldwide

By October 1, 2014Blog, Front Page

Valencia, Spain-Dinghy Academy is now officially the first ISAF Approved Training Center worldwide. The news piece will be live on Thursday October 2nd on the ISAF website, www.sailing.org, and then go out to our ‘World Sailing newsletter’ which you can encourage everyone to sign up to here: www.sailing.org/follow/newsletters

The purpose of an International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Approved Training Centre is to:

  • Provide an effective training and development programme for athletes and coaches, from any ISAF Member National Authority (MNA), who are working towards participation in Olympic and World class sailing events.
  • Contribute to an Increase in the number of nations regularly participating in ISAF events.
  • Assist all MNAs with whom they are in contact to access training that will help their National Sailors qualify and ultimately attend the Sailing Competition at the Olympic Games.


Video room view. Foto Tognozzi

Video room view. Foto Tognozzi

The ISAF Approved Training Centre will:

  • Be effective in developing both athletes and coaches throughout a specified period in their career which is anticipated will extend beyond activity in the Centre to competitive participation at World class events.
  • Have the resources, either internally or through formal links with appropriate external organisations, to provide for the holistic development of athletes and coaches that ensure their safety in the broadest possible terms.
  • Have an organisational structure that ensures sustainability, at least throughout the period for which support to specific athletes has been agreed.